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What is air transport and the characteristics of air transport
编辑:小编 时间:2024-02-20

In recent years, with the rapid development of logistics, air transport will also play an important role in freight transport. What is air transport and what are the characteristics of air transport? The following things network to give you a detailed introduction!

What is air transport

Air transport is also known as aircraft transport, short for; Air transport, it is in the condition of air lines and airports, the use of aircraft as a means of transport for cargo transport.

The weight of goods transported by air is calculated by gross weight. The unit of calculation is kilogram. If the weight is less than 1 kg, it is counted as 1 kg, and the last number over 1 kg is rounded up. The weight of each piece of cargo loaded by non-wide-body aircraft is generally not more than 80 kg, and the volume is generally not more than 40*60*100 cm. The weight of each piece of cargo carried by wide-body aircraft generally does not exceed 250 kg. The volume is generally not more than 250*200*160 cm. If the goods exceed the above weight and volume, the Northwest company shall determine whether they can be received and transported according to specific conditions. Goods with a volume of more than 6,000 cubic centimeters per kilogram are weighed according to light bubble cargo. Light bubble cargo is measured at 1 kg per 6000 cubic centimeters.

Air transport characteristics

(1) Commerciality.

The product provided by air transport is a special form of product. Space displacement, the product form is to change the displacement of air transport objects in space, the product unit is; Person-kilometer and; The commodity attributes of air transport products are finally realized through the purchase behavior of product users in the air transport market.

(2) Service.

Air transport industry belongs to the tertiary industry and is a service industry. It provides; The quantity of spatial displacement reflects the quantity of service, and the quality of service is reflected by the means and attitude of service. This attribute determines that the carrier must continue to expand the capacity to meet the growing demand for products in the society. Passenger control The principle of user first, for product users to provide safe, convenient, comfortable, timely quality service.

(3) International character.

Air transport has become the most important form of transportation in modern society, and has become the link of international political exchanges and economic cooperation. This includes both international friendly cooperation and fierce international competition. In terms of services, freight rates, technical coordination, operation and management, as well as the formulation and implementation of laws and regulations, they are all subject to international uniform standards and the influence of the international air transport market.

(4) Quasi-military.

Human aviation activities were first devoted to the military field and only later to civilian use. The mastery of air superiority in modern war is an important factor to obtain the active position in war. Therefore, many countries stipulate in their laws that the aircraft fleets and related personnel owned by air transport enterprises serve the national economic construction in peacetime, and as military reserve forces, civil aviation can be commandeered by the state in accordance with legal procedures in wartime or emergency situations to serve military needs.

(5) Capital, technology, and risk intensity.

Air transport industry is a high investment industry, whether the means of transport, or other transport equipment are expensive, the cost is huge. Therefore, its operating costs are very high. Due to the high technical requirements of the air transport industry, the complex operation of equipment and the high degree of interdependence among various departments, the risks in the operation process are large. No government or organization in any country has the financial resources to subsidize its air transport enterprises in the same way as it subsidizes urban public transport. For this reason, the air transport industry is not considered a social good in all countries in the world, and must be profit-oriented to maintain its normal operation and development.

(6) Natural monopoly.

Due to the huge investment in the air transport industry, highly intensive capital, technology and risk, long investment recovery cycle, strict restrictions on the qualification of air transport entities, high market access threshold, and historical reasons, the air transport industry has formed a natural monopoly in the development process.

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