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Uae/Qatar/Kuwait/Oman/Saudi Air Shipping double clearance tax to the door

Dubai Line

Shipping containers are loaded every week, and generally about 25-30 days from loading can arrive at Dubai Port and customs clearance delivery.

Qatar line

Shipping every Monday loading, from loading to customs clearance delivery generally takes about 25-30 days.

Wycott line

Shipping every Saturday loading, from the container loading generally 35-45 days about customs clearance delivery.

Saudi special line

Shipping from the container from the general 20-28 days to customs clearance delivery

Own Saudi customs clearance team and qualification, strength clearance lamps, auto parts, machinery and equipment, small household appliances, mobile phone accessories, textiles, furniture, toys, mobile power, e-commerce groceries and other products, do not require customers to provide SABER/IECEE/CB/EER/RWC certification, for you to solve the problem of product certification and Saudi customs clearance qualification.

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