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South Africa line

South Africa Express shipping line direct to Johannesburg, South Africa, support a single number, the whole track, for cross-border trade large quantities of live, general goods manufacturers to provide targeted supply chain solutions. This program can be connected to pure electricity, live, general goods, liquids, masks, cosmetics, etc., the price is preferential, is a double clean package tax line.

Customs clearance port is Johannesburg, customs clearance is fast.

Distribution throughout the country.

65-70 working days after sailing (shipping date is subject to actual sailing time)

Can be connected to pure electricity, live, general goods, liquids, masks, cosmetics and so on

Full tracking, lost can be compensated

The products have a special customs clearance team, and the goods will be processed on the same day before they arrive at the warehouse and pass through the port on the same day

Stable route: long-term contract, peak season space security, no need to worry about space issues

Delivery method: You can send and express to our designated warehouse in Shenzhen, you can also entrust us to pick up the package, pick up the fee is extra.

Billing mode: The real weight and the volume of the largest charge (volume coefficient = length * width * height /6000, or 1CBM=167KG)

Weight limit: Single weight can not exceed 40KG, length can not exceed 270CM, (width + height) *2 + length can not exceed 419CM, support more than one vote

Quotation includes: Quotation includes sea freight, port goods customs clearance fee, customs duties.

Product restrictions: can be connected to pure electricity, live, general goods, liquids, masks, cosmetics

Prohibited goods: powder, drugs, corrosive substances and other contraband and watches, pure solar panels and other anti-dumping products

Please provide complete packing list and declared value

Inbound check, security check, sorting, documents, verification, port clearance

Shipping company delivery documents, waiting for the cargo ship to leave the port

Goods arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa, arrange customs clearance

After customs clearance, you can withdraw

All products can not bring powder, chemicals, dangerous goods, flammable and explosive, do not accept brand or imitation brand, fire extinguisher class products

The place of delivery is Johannesburg, the goods to the warehouse, 15 km or around the Joburg mall we deliver, the rest is to pick up or deliver


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