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International small parcel

Advantages of International small bag:

1. Low cost. Compared with other modes of transportation (such as EMS, DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, etc.), the international small package service has an absolute price advantage. This delivery method can minimize the cost and enhance the price competitiveness.

2. Simplicity. International small package delivery is convenient, and the billing method is unified globally, regardless of the first weight and continued weight, greatly simplifying freight accounting and cost control.

3. Globalization. International packages can deliver products to customers in almost any country or region in the world, as long as there is a post office can be reached, greatly expanding the market space of foreign trade sellers.

Disadvantages of international small package: timeliness can not be compared with international express delivery, and then the protection and management of goods is relatively inferior, and other aspects really have no choice.

Affected by the development level of China's cross-border e-commerce, there are still few enterprises in China that provide professional logistics support for cross-border e-commerce. At present, the cross-border e-commerce logistics business is mainly undertaken by postal logistics, which is also the main cross-border logistics service enterprises in China. At present, in cross-border logistics, the postal logistics model is relatively common, which is also the main way for China's e-commerce to sell products overseas. With the strong support of the state, the postal network has covered most countries or regions in the world.




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